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Consider donating to the Northside PTA!
If you are interested in joining our PTA, you can do that here.  Thank you!
When you donate to the PTA, your money goes directly to supporting the Northside students, faculty and learning experience.

Boost Learning Opportunities

The PTA provides resources that create and enhance learning opportunities for students and educators.


Extracurricular additions

Rewards for Teachers and Students

With so much hard work being done at school, the PTA offers events throughout the year that supports our teaching staff and rewards our students for their outstanding effort.

Teacher appreciate events
Teacher appreciation events
Professional development

Have Fun

At the end of the day, we are still working with energetic kids, families, and educators that need to have fun. The PTA understands this and organizes activities where teachers and students can play and feel rewarded!

Student/teacher basketball game
School dances
Our PTA leaders give careful consideration to our funds and how to best leverage them.  We value the opportunity to have a positive impact on the learning experience each child at Northside receives.

- President -

Kim Prejs

 I am excited to be leading the PTA this school year, supporting our teachers and staff and helping all of our Navigators succeed!  I am the parent of a second grader as well as a Northside alumni, and I look forward to building upon the work our PTA has done in past years, making this school year a great one.

Co-Vice President


Alston Morgan

Hi! This is my third year at Northside Elementary, and my second year on the PTA board. I have two children. I have a rising second grader and a two-year-old! I hope that you can join the PTA! Whether you have two hours a day, or two hours this year we need you! We need help to support our teachers, and to enrich our children's experience at Northside!

Co-Vice President


Julia Masterson

Hello! I'm so happy to continue to be a part of the PTA and to support the Navigator Nation. I have a son in 5th grade and a son who is a recent Northside graduate. My family has been with Northside since it opened its doors, and we've been honored to be a part of its growth and success. Join the PTA and help us continue to build the school community and enrich our students' learning experience!

- Treasurer -

Andrew Riggs

I'm a proud parent of a 1st Grade Navigator and am thrilled to work more closely with the school and help in any way I can. That starts with my focus on the financial health of the Northside PTA, working to ensure that we have the funds to support growth in every student and teacher in the ways that meet their needs.

- Secretary -

Leah Waldrop

Hello! I am an excited parent of a rising kindergartener I have loved being a preschool parent at NES for the past 2 years and I look forward to joining the K-5 world here at Northside. As a teacher myself in the district, I can't wait to help build a great relationship between the PTA and the Northside staff and community.



Thank you for considering a donation to our PTA, we work hard to make sure the PTA supports the needs of our students, teachers, and school. If you have any questions or comments, please contact one of the PTA administrators at northsideptach@gmail.com!

If you'd prefer to donate via cash or check (made out to Northside PTA), please send it to school in an envelope marked "PTA Donation."

Of course, all donations are 100% tax deductible!

If you are interested in joining our PTA, you can do that here.  Thank you!

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$5 Donation
$5 donations add up!

$10 Donation
$10 donations are a great way to boost the PTA

$20 Donation
Wow! $20! You're a real helper!

$50 Donation
With $50, you have just made a BIG difference

$100 Donation
You're a total PTA Rock Star, the teachers and kids scream THANK YOU!

$500 Donation
Your $500 will create amazing opportunities for our school!

$1000 Donation
A $1000 donation can fund an immersive extracurricular experience, classroom enhancement or school program. Thank you very much!

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